Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clayton got braces!!

Clayton on his way to get braces...

This is the first pic I took with my phone of his braces!! :)
July 15th

JULY 4TH 09'

We got to start our fun day with a wagon ride pulled by Clydesdale horses. It was lots of fun, but pretty warm. We rode with my mom and niece and two nephews.

For breakfast that morning my mom made yummy pancakes and the kids decorated them with strawberries, blueberries, and whipcream! This is the biggest one they made, and of course, Rex ate it! :)

That night we went to the Taylor Rodeo. It was lots of fun and we ended up seeing everyone on our street there! "GET THAT CORN OUT OF MY FACE!!"

We had the best seat in whole place. We were at the very top of the bleachers, with lots of room :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Derek's newfound cousin leaves for Guatemala :(

It was hard for D to see his Buddy leave, but Kyle will be back from his mission in just 2 short years!

And that brings us up to date. I will be updating more often I hope!:)

December 31, 2008

Ringing in the new year!! 2009

Boys and their "crew" blowing their horns at midnight New Years!


This year Clayton's team made it to Nationals, which was in Florida! They fought a good fight and came out tied for 2nd in the Nation! We were there for a week. I was the only one that was able to go with him, it was a good time we had together- I wouldn't trade that time for anything!

This is Clayton and his "room mates" showing off thier trophy!

Clayton had some awesome runs, he played with a lot of heart. He scored 2 touch downs that trip.

Cobe played football too, Rex actually coached them. It was a fun season, but now Cobe is all about basketball! He is in the playoffs, with one more game to go! Go Gators!!

Derek is finally playing basketball. He is a good little baller, he takes his sports very seriously!

Year of Babies!!

We had a busy baby year this past year in my family. Jon and Megan started us off with Asher Oakley Vance. This is when we were all waiting for him to come.

Jon is a proud daddy!

Lindsey was next. We had a little scare and had to "hang" in the hospital for a few days until we got the clear to induce her twin cuties :)

They both came out needing help breathing but Wyatt needed to be intebated. He weighed 5.5, such a fighter! Landon came first waighing 5.3. They are growing up so fast, they didn't waste any time putting on the weight!
In 2008 we had an 8 baby addition to the Tarwater family! Look out world-- here we come!

Catching up! :)

In October of 08 we went to California these are some pictures of out trip, it was still warm enough to enjoy the water, the waves were HUGE! We camped on a bluff above the beach-we had a blast!

This is our campsite, we had some great views!

Derek spent a lot of time diggin' in the sand.

This is when Rex and Clayton went on their backpacking trip to Whyoming (June 08) with Rex's dad and brother along with other Bergstroms. They had a good time. Not a lot of fish, the ponds were still frozen. But they found some anyway :)

YAY! Clayton got one too!